Lampton Park hosts giant ‘eye of the world’ flag in Hounslow

  Posted: 14.09.21 at 12:49 by Hannah Davenport

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A monumental eye made its way through Lampton Park in Hounslow last weekend as part of its UK tour and climate change campaign.

#WeAreWatching is a flag measuring 30x20 metres - the size of a ten-story building - made up of thousands of portraits sent in from 190 countries.

The giant eye could be seen on Friday (10) and Saturday (11) September flying above Hounslow as part of its UK trip which started in Greenwich.

The flag will now travel to seven different cities across the country before its journey ends in Glasgow for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26), in November.

Each portrait in the flag has a message attached addressed to local leaders, ranging for hope, despair to anger.

These images merge into a giant eye, the ‘eye of the world’, which is flown at key climate events across the globe.

WeAreWatching started its UK tour in Greenwich, London.

Creator Dan Acher told Brentford Nub News that the flag is flown in front of places where global leaders meet and decide the future of our life on this planet.

Acher, based in Geneva, Switzerland, said: “It is sending a message that we are watching and these leaders have a very big responsibility.”

He added: “I like to transform cities around the world, and because it flies so high you can see it from really far away, even airplanes, there's always the effect of surprise and then the effect of seeing an eyeball watching you.

“My hope is that people get interested and start to look and understand the meaning behind it and reach the why.”

Activist and artist Acher liked that the flag in Lampton Park could be seen in contrast with the planes from the nearby Heathrow Airport.

According to Acher, Hounslow Council were interested in hosting the flag as part of their involvement in the Global Streets programme.

The flag only weighs 70 kilos and can be put together with a crane in five minutes, given the space is large enough.

Its journey started at the COP25 summit in Madrid in 2019, before a further global tour was postponed during the pandemic, and started up again this year.

We Are Watching is an artwork that travels around the world to key events around the climate issue.

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