Electric buses coming to Brentford and route changes announced

  Posted: 14.01.22 at 09:58 by Hannah Davenport

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New changes to bus routes have been announced by TfL this month including the introduction of electric buses and an increased morning service on the 235 route to Brentford.

TfL have introduced changes to bus routes in the borough, and announced that electric buses are coming to a key route through Brentford later in the year.

The 2022 changes will also affect the route 533 bus through Hounslow which will have a reduced service from next Monday.

Changes to route 235

TfL announced that route 235 will have a new timetable on all days of the week with an additional journey added in the peak morning time from Lower Sunbury to Brentford, Great West Quarter.

The frequency of the route will increase to every 6-7 minutes between 0730 and 0830, this means there will now be up to 10 buses per hour in the morning peak towards Brentford due to increased demand.

There will be no change to the frequency at any other times.

Theses changes came into effect last Saturday, 8 January, when RATP London took over the operation of the route.

Customers will also experience a greener ride later in the year as new electric buses will be introduced on the route.

TfL have not given a specific date when the new electric buses will come, just stating it will be 'during 2022'.

Changes to route 533

The changes also include a reduction in frequency of the route 533 bus which runs from Hammersmith bus station to Castelnau on the south side of Hammersmith Bridge.

From next Monday, 17 January, route 533 will run every 15 minutes at all times instead of every 10 minutes in the peak hours and every 12 minutes in the daytime on weekdays.

This is supposedly said to better match capacity to demand, which has fallen on the route since Hammersmith Bridge reopened to pedestrians and cyclists.

The route will continue to run non-stop between Mortlake Cemetery and Hammersmith Bridge Road in both directions and route 190 will continue to serve all bus stops between Hammersmith and Mortlake Cemetery.

TfL have said they are keeping these changes under close review and due to the flexible nature of the bus network, state they are able to make adaptations at relatively short notice to reflect changing demand where required.

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