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Green Party challenges Council on environmental impact of Brentford new builds

Posted: 28.07.21 by Dimitris Kouimtsidis Green Party

THE Green Party candidate for the Brentford West Ward, Stephen Clark, has challenged Hounslow Council on the environmental impact of the new apartment...

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Hounslow Greens announce candidate for Brentford West ward ahead of next year's local elections

Posted: 08.07.21 by Dimitris Kouimtsidis Green Party

HOUNSLOW Greens have named their candidate to stand for the party in the Brentford West ward, ahead of next May’s local elections. Greens have se...

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Green Party supports campaign to stop development at Park Road Allotments in Isleworth

Posted: 04.05.21 by The Editor Green Party

Andrée Frieze, Green Party London Assembly candidate, visited Park Road Allotments in Isleworth this week to support the campaign against the N...

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Greens' vision for reversing the decline of high streets and town centres

Posted: 30.04.21 by The Green Party Green Party

Andree Frieze, the Green Party candidate for South West London in the London Assembly elections, gives her thoughts on reversing the decline of our to...

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Police resources wasted on pursuit of small-scale cannabis offenders, say Greens

Posted: 29.04.21 by The Green Party Green Party

How many of our resources are wasted in dealing with petty crime such as small-scale cannabis use? Andree Frieze, Green Party London Assembly candi...

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Greens unveil manifesto to protect London's Green Belt

Posted: 21.04.21 by The Editor Green Party

The Green Party candidate for Mayor of London Sian Berry has pledged to devise a new strategy for the Green Belt which surrounds London. It is aime...

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Greens call for capital to be zero waste by 2030

Posted: 16.04.21 by The Editor Green Party

Only 30 per cent of London’s local authority collected waste is recycled or composted, according to official figures. This is the worst rate in a...

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Changes mean Kew Bridge no longer offers a safe space for cycling, says Green Party

Posted: 13.04.21 by The Editor Green Party

Kew Bridge is no longer safe shared space for cyclists and pedestrians after recent works to lanes and the pavement, the Green Party has said. The ...

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Introducing Andree Frieze, The Green Party Candidate for the South West London constituency for the London Assembly

Posted: 12.04.21 by The Green Party Green Party

Postponed for a year due to the coronavirus crisis, the elections for the London Assembly and the Mayor of London take place on Thursday 6th May. ...

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